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Wellness From Within

Around here we practice lighthearted spirituality. Because there's no wrong way to be you –– or to be spiritual!

The Spirited Health playbook works for everyday health challenges caused by anxiety, pain, stress, or family drama and more. These tools will help you face every obstacle with more joy, alignment and vitality!

Our promise is to focus 30+ years of experience in health education to boost your energy on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – so that you can:

 Learn to live a Spirited Life!

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Sacred Sleep to
Unlock Healing

How you think about sleep is so important. This blog shares a broader perspective on sleep from Ruby Bedi, my spiritual mentor, who helped me years ago to recover from a severe illness. She did it by reminding me to think from beyond the body’s physical needs. 

Talking About Sleep Medication

If you have been taking sleeping pills for longer than one month (millions are), I am sure that you question whether it is the right thing for you TODAY. 

There are well-established step-by-step ways to taper down and slowly eliminate your use of pills.

Is it Better to Be a Night Owl
or an Early Bird?

Everyone has their own unique circadian rhythm, and we are each genetically programmed for our natural sleep/wake timing. 

Yes, it’s in your genes! Some of us just naturally get tired early in the day and rise early with a smile on our face (early birds or larks).

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“Chris is honest and uses humour often. She genuinely cares about our situation and our journey.”


“I found Chris to be enthusiastic, realistic and effective. Chris has a valuable sum of qualities that makes her a sought-after consultant.”


“I was impressed. Chris was extremely knowledgeable, very pleasant, warm and kind… and helped me weed out the good evidence from the bad.”


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